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 Avensus Nederland B.V.
The history of Avensus Netherlands goes back more than 45 years and has, among others, originated out of Computerij Group and is a part of Koning & Hartman. Since October 2000 it works under the name: Avensus Nederland B.V.

The Computerij Group originated in the eighties. The eighties are marked by the uprising of networks and the introduction of ICT within the business life. The use of computers and ICT solutions within company processes started to develop. The base was the development of an infrastructure and the purchase of the necessary hardware. During the following years, Avensus Netherlands grew even further from its base in Zwolle. This happened autonomous and by takeovers. Companies like 2Build4, TCD, Centior, Evolve Datacom and cYn International have been added to the portfolio of Avensus Netherlands.

After a take-over of Evolve Datacom (originated from Koning & Hartman) in 2004, the Business Unit Specialized Business originated, which is still operating within the High Grade Security market from its location in Delft and continues to serve its clients. The headquarters moved to Almere on the 1st of February 2009.

It is clear that the knowledge, expertise and experience in the area of ICT solutions and ICT products are present within Avensus Netherlands. And where the market showed demand in the last years, Avensus Netherlands continued to specialize itself based on these needs in order to meet the demands.

In June 2008, Avensus Netherlands decided to merge all knowledge and know-how that Avensus Netherlands has within the Business Unit Almere and Delft in one complete portfolio of products and services for the clients in order to meet the client needs and to grow together with them.
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