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Testing Approach


Our end-to-end testing approach includes Test planning, Test design, Test Execution and Test Management combined with an optimal mix of industrialized processes, frameworks and Omnitech's highly skilled delivery professionals

 Test Planning

Under the Test Planning phase, Omnitech helps you to identify the strategic decisions which are influenced by the choice of development paradigms and process models include:

When to test – We understand your business processes and create business logic to enable you to create a test plan which depict how the stages of the testing process, such as component, integration and acceptance, correspond to stages of the development process. The lack of strategy often results in costly bottlenecks as small faults prevent the major system functionality from being exercised. Thus, it's imperative to analyse the root cause and its overall impact on the application development cycle.

Who will test – In order to clearly assign responsibilities for the various stages of testing to project personnel, Omnitech brings a fresh perspective to undertake the project with its large pool of highly skilled resources using individual's learning curve and experience in a highly iterative environment.

How to test – While planning, it's essential to set clear objectives for each stage of the testing process. The amount of testing at each stage will be determined by various factors. Omnitech helps you to identify such factors and also a set of techniques for minimizing the resources required for requisite testing and maximizing its benefits.

 Test Design
 Test Execution
 Test Management
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