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REVIVE (Disaster Recovery as a Service)


"REVIVE is an innovative 'Pay-Per-Use' Disaster Recovery solution on cloud, offering complete workload recovery, DR management and ultimately 24x7x365 peace of mind."

The exposure of Business Continuity Management (BCM) is no longer limited to large and public sector enterprises. All businesses today are increasingly moving towards making BCM as a part of their corporate strategy. A subset of BCM is the Planning and Implementation of the Disaster Recovery (DR) solutions of their vital IT systems. During the last two decades, while most organizations tried to become self-sufficient on IT DR, the Emerging Enterprises, which followed the footsteps of the large enterprises, found it very difficult to maintain high cost DR systems.

The traditional way of Disaster Recovery (DR) implementation includes setting up one's own site with the required IT infrastructure, and then managing it as effectively as the primary site. However, with this option, huge direct and indirect costs are associated. Further, the resources at the DR site are rarely put to use. While it's certainly imperative to have a DR site to recover from any disaster that may strike a company, one question which arises is whether there's a more cost-effective alternative.

After doing DR the traditional way, Omnitech brings to you an innovative Disaster Recovery solution on Cloud - REVIVE, leveraging the concept known as Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS). It's an answer to the alternatives, where all size enterprises can have a cost-effective DR.

Cloud Introduction
REVIVE has the ability to recover workload (App, Database, and OS) through a cloud-based model, with scheduled replication of production side workload through regular migration over a highly secured environment. In the event of a disaster, you can have your critical business processes up-and-running quickly after declaring an outage of your IT infrastructure.

REVIVE will activate on the Omnitech Cloud all the necessary computation resources required by your workload – such as Processing Power, Memory, and Storage – within minutes of failure! This ensures that during Business as Usual (BAU) the resource utilization is minimal, thus keeping your DR costs extremely low, and during Continuity of Business (COB) the costs are proportionate to the amount of compute power demanded – thus making your DR initiative now a true 'Pay-Per-Use' service from Omnitech.

Solution Approach
With REVIVE, we take into account the various risks that can adversely impact your business operations. The below approach help us to understand and implement the solution.

Value Proposition

Benefits of REVIVE over legacy DR system
Benefits of the cloud
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