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Liquidity Manager


Now offering 1st in India, a unique Payment Hub Management Service designed to ease the complex management of your Payment systems.


The RTGS system mainly functions through a SGL account with RBI. However the RTGS facility given to customers could lead to depletion of the balance in the SGL account. The Liquidity Manger ensures that the outgoing RTGS transactions are accounted for, and Bankers are alerted timely thus avoiding the penalties and interest amount charges from RBI.

The Liquidity Manager enables a Bank to maintain Liquidity so as to ensure timely fund transfers as requested by Bank customers.

The Liquidity Manager features are as below:

Open Balance Calculation: Calculation of the Open Balance across various accounts.
Cash Event Management: Sensing, Reading & Attaching the Inflow and Outflow transactions on real time.
Manual Posting: The System is capable of allowing manual changes in the balance.
EOD Calculation: The System will calculate the projected EOD Balance taking in to account the account thresholds.
Intelligent Message Routing: The System will be capable of processing the RTGS messages as per the rules of FIFO & FAFO.
Manual Override: The users will have an option to override the Routing Logic as an exception
Alerts: The System will Alert the users based on preset triggers for Minimum & Maximum Balance
Dashboard: The System will provide a Dashboard that will give the display the important parameters in a single screen.

The above features are in addition to the basic features such as Security, Auditability & Reporting.
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