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Cheque Truncation Solution


Omnitech, a leader in Payment Systems and Services (PSS) introduces an innovative Cheque Truncation solution built on a strong foundation of it's long-established industry knowledge and expertise.


In today's complex and transaction intensive environment, ensuring efficiency in the payments infrastructure stays critical priority for Banks. Cash availability schedules, transfer delays, fraud potential and the inherent manual process in banks increase the risk and cost associated with existing cheque clearing environments. Thus, cheque processing is undergoing a sweeping change in Indian Banking industry through Cheque Truncation system, imputed by RBI under its new guidelines for safe and efficient payment processing.

Cheque Truncation System is indeed the next step towards improving Cheque Payment process. It truncates the flow of physical instruments (cheques) at some point en-route to the drawee branch through its conversion into an electronic image that is sent to the drawee branch along with the relevant information like the MICR fields, date of presentation, presenting banks etc. This effectively reduces the time required for payment of cheques, the associated cost of transit and delay in processing, etc., thus speeding up the process of collection or realization of the cheques and enhancing customer service.

Omnitech's Cheque Truncation Solution (CTS) embrace new RBI guidelines and incorporate the most advanced imaging and recognition technologies to deliver significant risk reduction and lower transaction costs. The proven solution, having global deployments by its solution partner across PSU's and Private Banks globally is now designed to cater the emerging needs of Co-operative banks in India.

 Service Architecture

The solution is designed to be cubical and compliant with major solutions available in the market. Thus, if a bank has an existing relationship for certain aspects of the solution with ann alternate vendor, the relevant cubes from our solution can be plugged in for creating an end-to-end solution.

Why Omnitech

Omnitech has been catering to the varying and dynamic needs of payments industry since past decade and has consistently strived to build strong technology expertise in payment and settlement systems, whether it's into integration of applications within infrastructure or manage them efficiently.

Some of the key features of our Cheque Truncation Solution which offer unmatched value to give you a competitive edge are:

  • DB Link for connectivity and sharing of data with CBS
  • CBS integration through 2 way adapter development
  • Signature Verification module (Plug-in for standalone verification of signature images)
  • Flexible and Agile architecture (add multiple adaptors for other systems when needed)
  • Scalable reports module with standard reports for RBI
  • Host CTS for NON-INFINET member banks (No CapEx)
  • Optional site independent implementation to distribute the workload)


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